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Some History For You!

Journey of the company began in 1992 when two young brothers Mr Sanjay Sahni & Mr Rajeev SahnI started the company with big dreams and ambitions.
Mr Sanjay Sahni is a marketing guru, he is the Managing Director of the company. He is responsible for all the strategic business planning, development and managing the market. He is an icon fort h e cosmetic industry.
Mr Rajeev Sahni is a technocrat. His experts and passion is manufacturing, new product development and quality management. He has a vast knowledge in manufacturing and is very well versed with all the technical aspects involved in it.
Personi is one of the leading and most popular brand of HIMANSHU COSMETICS. It is India's leading brand in manufacturing and market quality. Personi has been delivering the highest standards of quality products. All products are manufactured with the best raw materials and the best technological means which are made under perfect hygienic conditions governed by the team of experts. Our research and development team is firmly dedicated, to provide the best services by offering a wide range of product lines which covers the most demanding requirements of today's market. The brand Personi today is perceived as a leader in the mass segment colour cosmetic industry.
Our Vision
From the past couple of vears the use of cosmetic by Indian customer has increased. The market is growing at 25 percent annually. Our vision is to catch this demand and to become the one stop solution for the ever changing and ever growing demand of the cosmetic industry. We are continuously focused on increasing our market size. Being a leader in colour cosmetic the company has plans to expand by going into the skincare and haircare segment. The company started the business not just to "Make Money" but to 'Make a Difference" in the society. Everyday our company focuses on developing something new for our customers. We want to become the No.1 colour cosmetic company of India.
Our Mission
To go further and make our products better, our customers happier and our society a better place to live. We want to bring innovation in our products. We want to help people look good, feel good and get more out of life with our products. We aim at making the best quality products at a very affordable price so that our products should be available within the reach of everybody. We want to add goodness to Life.
Features of Our Products
  • High Quality Ingredents

  • Vegan

  • Curelty Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Silicon Free

  • Suitable for All

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